Handcrafted in Germany, TSATSAS products stand for perfection, right down to the smallest detail.

The atelier where all TSATSAS fine leather goods are produced can look back over a tradition in leathercraft that stretches back 30 years. The genesis of each model is allowed to take up as much time as required to create a leather product by hand with precision and care. Countless individual steps are required for every single product before the product is ready.

The bags are made of the finest leather not only on the outside, but throughout the inside as well. For the person carrying them, soft pacific blue lamb nappa ensures they are pleasant to the touch, day after day. Their blue lining is a feature of all TSATSAS products.

All the various models come with metal zips of the highest quality, manufactured in Switzerland, with rows of interlocking polished metal teeth that ensure that they open and close smoothly. The zips come in gold and silver like all the other metal parts, which are produced for TSATSAS in Germany and Italy.

Every item has its own production number. These numbers are allocated numerically and are embossed on the inside of the relevant bag. This makes every TSATSAS product unique.

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